2016 LRNR – Trails Day 3 & 4

Day 3 is the volunteer day and day 4 is the final day of the rally with more trails and the banquet. On the volunteer day we picked up trash along South Spanish Valley Drive.  A portion of the trash was used to create an “Art” piece to help demonstrate the amount of litter that is along a small portion of the roadway. Please don’t litter. Check out the pics and look for the registration to open up for the 2017 Rally in Leadville, Co.

2016 LRNR

The date has arrived and the rally has begun. Registration is open and everyone is ready to run some trails tomorrow. The weather is great and looks to be good all week. If you’re not here, you’re missing it. Stay tuned for pics and updated.


Trail Leader Training

Trail leader training registration is now available in the events section. Sign up for some unbeatable training with Bill Burke in Moab. Dates are July 2-3.