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AvatarStephan Barnard

Josh, I feel that the Landy groups are hit and miss. Surprising for the large number of Series’s,  Defenders, Disco’s and Classic RR’s there are in and around Denver. The main group is Solihull Society, but from what you can see on their website there’s not that much activity or planned events. They did do a event recently at about safety and a few other bids and bobs. Rover Rider’s is a Facebook group that meet every last Thursday of the month for a drink and a bite,, I’m yet to visit one of their meetups. I know there is a bunch of friends, which include Matt the owner of Roadsidewerx (my preferred Landy mechanic) that go wheeling together and meet from time to time, but they have no actual group. I grew up with Defenders in South Africa, but only bought my 1st one here in Denver, so am pretty new to all things LR. I try and do most repairs and rebuilds myself. and refer to Matt when I get in to deep. Not sure how involved you want to be or how much of a DIY’er you are, but I would be happy to connect to share the little I know, and possible learn a ton more. I live in Lakewood and my father in law lives in Conifer also. My rig is a 1990 110 200Tdi RHD, and my contact number is 303-653-3672 if you would like to meet up.