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AvatarJohn Wilkerson

Hey Jake,

Thank you for the reply.  My 2.5td is pumping out around 87 bhp new I believe.  It was rebuilt in Italy before it was shipped over four years ago.  I am not looking for high performance, just decent performance to add some drivability so I can take it around the state and not have to tow it to where I want to enjoy it.  I am intrigued by your engine/trans combo.  I have the LT77 and it is pretty noisy at higher speeds the few times I have actually been above 50 mph.  It is uphill in every direction here where I live.  I understand that it is not a highly refined or precise trans.  There are a lot of articles and videos out there you are probably aware showing the Ls3’s, Cummins R2.8, etc.  I am not really interested in making my 110 a powerhouse since I am certain that would just cause issues in other areas that were never designed deal with an abundance of power.  I would be interested in taking a ride with you sometime.  I could buy you lunch/dinner and top off your tank.

Thanks again for reply.