RRC Door Lock Spring

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    michael swankhousemichael swankhouse

    So my 92 RRC has the door lock spring problem where when you unlock the doors the little spring that holds the position is broken and allows the door to immediatly re-lock.   Annoying.  I got the X8R kit with new stainless springs but holy crap I’m having a heck of a time getting the lock out of the drivers front door.  I just read last night I have to take the glass, regulator, and frame out to get the lock out.   This it going to take a while.

    I did however learn that it’s easy to adjust the outer door handle release linkage so I no longer have to push in on the door to get the outer handle to open the door.  Just a few turns on the threaded rod to take out some slack and it works like a charm.

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