Trail Leader Training

Trail leader training registration is now available in the events section. Sign up for some unbeatable training with Bill Burke in Moab. Dates are July 2-3.

2016 Rally Registration is now Live

The registration for the 2016 Rally is now live. Head on over to either the LRNR page or the Events Calendar page and sign up. We’re headed back to Moab for some of the best off-roading to be had. Hope to see you there.

Online Registration is now Active

Online registration is now on-line. You can register just for forum access or you can register for Solihull Membership both in-state and out-of-state. Check it out either by clicking on the Membership link on the home page or Membership under the Contact Us menu.

A couple of more quick updates

A few quick updates, the login menu item will now reflect logout if you are logged in and the Profile menu item will appear when you are logged in. This makes it easier to access your profile page. You can now also set a local avatar in your profile as opposed to using the Gravatar. And one final thing, you can now add images to your forum posts. Look for the image icon at the end of the tool bar when creating your posts.


Users and Forums are back online

Well it look a bit longer than expected but the forums are on-line and user accounts have been created. If you are a registered member with the Solihull Society and we had your email address an account has been created for you. You should have received an email with this update as well as your login information.

Our new website

Welcome to our new website we hope you like it. We’re still in the process of re-building it and getting everything configured, up and running. In case you’re curious why we have a new website, well like and old ‘Rover we had some technical difficulties with our previous site and in the end, unlike an old ‘Rover, it was just easier to build a new one on a new server with a new look. So stay tuned as we continue to build the site and add more content.